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2013-04-20 09:46:59
'Spring' your way into a beautiful yard


After such a long Cache Valley winter, you might be thinking that the only things that you will be growing this spring are icicles! Although this seems to be partially true, we decided to show a little faith in warmer weather and write a blog post for those of you wanting to beautify your yard this spring!

It is probably safe to say that most people wish that they had a beautiful looking yard, but for those of you looking to enter the Cache Valley housing market this spring, a beautiful yard will be a great selling point for your home. By following our gardening tips below, your home can quickly become an eye catcher for potential buyers.

Lawn Care

   Taking proper care of your lawn in the spring is absolutely critical to making your home look more presentable. The winter months (all 9 of them when you live in the Cache Valley) can be extremely tough on your lawn and problems such as soil compaction and snow mold can occur. To solve these and other problems, consider some of the following treatments.

- Power Raking: Raking your yard in the spring will remove thatch buildup and snow mold from your lawn which will allow new blades of grass to grow in thicker and more quickly. If you don't want to have this professionally done, you can do it yourself with a rake and a little elbow grease.

- Fertilizing: Fertilizing places nutrients that were lost throughout the winter months back into the soil. Depending on your yard, you will have different fertilizing needs. However one thing to remember is that the more you fertilize your lawn, the more that you will have to mow it!                       

- Edging: Keeping your yard 'on edge' can be quite a task if you don't start early. Give your curbing and sidewalks a good edging so it will be easier to maintain throughout the year.

- Keep your grass long: Longer grass tends to be healthier for many reasons. When grass is kept at least 3 inches in length, weeds will be less likely to sprout in the yard, you will have to water the lawn less since the sun will not dry the soil so quickly, and a healthier root system can be developed.

Flower Planting

   A flower bed or two can be used to highlight certain features of your home and will make a buyer much more likely to stop for a closer look. Although there is a plethora of flowers to choose from, some will complement your home better than others and make it look more inviting. Here are some factors to consider when planting flowers.

- Perennials Vs. Annuals: Some flowers only need to be planted once and they will come back yearly (perennials) while others need to be planted each year (annuals).

- The frost date: The frost date is when you can expect the last frost of the winter to occur. For the Cache Valley, the frost date tends to be around May 20th. This means that you will want to avoid planting flowers that are prone to frost damage before that time. If you do decide to plant them early, have a tarp handy so you can cover them at night.

 - Prepping the soil: It is a good idea to add some compost and other organic materials to your soil to give your plants a better growing environment. Once the organic matter has been added, till the soil for aeration and water penetration.

Tree Care

   Pruning trees and bushes in the spring is another way to get your home ready to sell. When pruning trees and bushes, remove any dead or dying branches as well as any branches that are growing at odd angles, growing towards the center of the tree, or that just make the tree look imbalanced. Also make sure that trees are not crowding your porch, sidewalk or driveway.

   The spring time and early summer are great times to sell your home in the Cache Valley! By keeping your yard in pristine condition during these times, potential home buyers are much more likely to ask for a home tour and will be much more excited to purchase your home! 


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